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    Armidale’s experts in bicycle fitting

    tacx-trainers - Worldwide leader in bike technology used by all the professional cyclists and their teams.

    The team at Armidale Bicycle Centre help you to get the best position, comfort and performance from your bicycle. Setting up your bike can be a complex process, but not for the experts in Armidale.

    Not only will bicycle fitting do wonders for your riding, it will also increase your efficiency and ease any aches and discomfort. If you’re squeezed onto the wrong size of bike, you have more chance of injuring yourself, which is the last thing any of us wants.

    Our bike fitting will ensure that you have good handling in all conditions. Armidale Bicycle Centre will check the handlebar and seat height, sort out your pedals and cleat position, along with brake levers, saddle, hoods and stem, among other things.

    Bike fitting is critical if you want to avoid experiencing problems with your body. If you already get sore arms, legs, shoulders and backs, or any other types of aches and pains from riding your bicycle, then your bike is not fitted correctly.

    Whether you want to improve your riding efficiency or optimise your riding position, Armidale Bicycle Centre offers you professional bike fitting services in Armidale and New England.

    Call us today on 02 6772 3718 to arrange a professional bike fitting!

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