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    Armidale’s reputable trainers in bicycle programs

    At Armidale Bicycle Centre, we are all bicycle enthusiasts ourselves,  and offer bicycle training programs and rides to enhance cyclist’s performance. Our Level 2 accredited coach's knowledge, training and coaching advice. Whether you’re a beginner or have signed up for a local, state or national event, we’ll have you riding with confidence and your best yet.

    Our team of trainers in Armidale will devise an individual training program , to assist each individual in achieving their goals. From those looking to beat their personal best to cyclist’s who want to improve their technique, speed and endurance, we’ll push your cycling to the next level.

    We work hard with you to optimise your cycling performance and recovery while keeping the training experience fun and enjoyable. All the programs and training rides are tailored to suit your exact requirements, so if you just want to fine tune your hill climbing, we have the right skills and experience to develop your ability.

    Along with our training programs and rides , Armidale Bicycle Centre can educate you on the best things to eat with a little nutrition coaching. Eating the right foods will also help to optimise your cycling performance and keep you in peak physical health.

    So, if you’re ready to push yourself further than ever before and want to get on the road to becoming a pro cyclist, get in today and talk to the team about your new program.

    Call us today on 02 6772 3718 to arrange tailored bicycle classes!

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